Product Description

World's slimmest female diagnostic cystoscope cannula. The 12Fr hydrophilic coated cannula features a 140° FOV with a channel for fluid infusion and guidewire insertion.


The cannula is semi-flexible and comes in a sterile pouch for single use. The reusable and portable handle allows real-time video recording and playback

Product Use

The Uro-V Cystoscope has been designed for endoscopic diagnosis and infusion of irrigating fluid within the bladder and urethra.

The UroViu Advantage

Easier for Staff—no setup, no sterilizing, always ready at any room

Safer for patientless infection risk, less discomfort, less wait time

Lower overall cost for care provider—no capital outlay, no repair cost, "One Stop Shop" for patients

0.018" guidewire inserted through working channel

The UroViu 3500 Handle, Uro-V Diagnostic Cannula and Uro-N Injection Cannula are 510(k) cleared.

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